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With EcoWebDesk, you will have your health and safety management in your company completely under control. The central software solution is suitable for management systems complying with OHSAS 18001, as officially verified by DEKRA Assurance Services. The perfect choice for your own certification!

Temporary fixes, tangled lists and endless spreadsheets are all things of the past as EcoWebDesk combines everything in one to make integrative management a reality. You can easily comply with legal duties, review and improve current working conditions and significantly minimize your liability risk.

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EcoWebDesk is the ideal solution for your health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability management. Expertly grounded, the web-based software knows your tasks and unites all of the functions that you need.

The software assists you with all HSE and sustainability processes. Documenting, organizing, evaluating – with EcoWebDesk you’re done in a jiffy.

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