• Setup and data import

    Our IT experts will ensure a quick start of the live system

Want to transfer existing data into EcoWebDesk, regularly or just once? EcoIntense will support you with the initial setup of the system and the data import from the original sources.

Out IT experts are familiar with the requirements of smooth data imports, whether hazardous materials data records, operating instructions, safety data sheets or risk assessments.

If you have opted for our SaaS solution, we will carry out the setup of your EcoWebDesk system on the servers of our high-security data processing center. If need be, we will bring the existing data into a unified format and import them into the system. After you have thoroughly checked the data, your EcoWebDesk system will go live straightaway.

Checklist for data imports

“Currently, we synchronize more than a million data records for our customers every month and make sure the initial setup of your system runs smoothly and on time.”

Marcel Wendlandt,
Head of IT (Enterprise & Data Services)

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