Use the free EcoWebDesk app for your Incident and Accident management. Report near-miss situations, damaging events and accidents immediately and on the spot  to the competent authorities in the company. Achieve swift and easy communication, and thereby reduce potential hazards and strengthen occupational health and safety.

Overview of all features

  • Convenient reporting of near miss-situations, material or environmental damages and accidents
  • Integration of images and pictures (camera feature)
  • Data transfer into the central EcoWebDesk system of your company for further processing and evaluation
  • Automatic email notifications to managers and competent authorities
  • Anonymous reporting of near-miss situations
  • Comprehensive recording of the event (description, date, place)
  • Categorization of damaging events, e.g., by media involved, effects and obligation to report
  • Detailed data about first aid actions in the case of accidents

Getting started with the app – Requirements

  • You are already using EcoWebDesk
  • You are using the EcoWebDesk Health & Safety module
  • You already have your personal login data for EcoWebDesk, which you also use to log into your EcoWebDesk app
  • You understand German language. The app is right now available in German only

Useful addition of the EcoWebDesk SaaS rental version


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