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    The EcoWebDesk Audit Management software module

EcoWebDesk Audit Management

The EcoWebDesk Audit Management module flexibly, reliably, and efficiently supports you with the continuous examination and improvement of your company processes. Both management representatives and auditors benefit from the numerous functions.

Let the EcoWebDesk Audit Management module guide you through all of the phases of internal and external audits. From planning to execution, to the identification and elimination of nonconformities – with EcoWebDesk, you always have the perfect tool at hand. This means that you can save valuable time, as well as effortlessly integrate everyone involved in the audit process.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the EcoWebDesk Audit Management module

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“If you know one module, you know all of them. EcoWebDesk is intuitively designed and that makes it easy to use. Once you know the structure of one module, you can easily navigate all others.”

Dr. Werner Wahlers, Quality Management & Technology, INEOS Phenol GmbH