• Design company processes efficiently

    With the EcoWebDesk Basic System

EcoWebDesk Basic System

The EcoWebDesk Basic System is your foundation for occupational safety and environmental protection, and all the other EcoWebDesk modules. With the integrated action and document management, you can combine important information across departments.

In the EcoWebDesk Basic System your company structures, actions and documents are centrally mapped. All other EcoWebDesk modules are built on that foundation and will be linked with the relevant data records so that you can ensure consistent business data throughout your organization. The system administration enables you to integrate both employees as well as third parties based on their tasks on the shared platform.

Saving time at TeroLab Surface

“The real value of this software is that the modules are linked to each other. When I create a new data record, everyone has access to it.”

Streamlined processes at INEOS

“I think all companies aim to improve from one year to the next. EcoWebDesk supports that ambition by providing strict processes and keeping them up-to-date.”

Better compliance at nobilia

“We no longer have to process the same data two or three times. Instead, we can focus on refining our data, while managing everything. We can manage everything once from a central database.”

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