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    With the EcoWebDesk Eco-Controlling software module

EcoWebDesk Eco-Controlling

The EcoWebDesk Eco-Controlling module serves the purpose of recording and monitoring all of the data on the use of material resources. This means that not only are you keeping an eye on the consumption of electricity, gas or water but you are also boosting your energy and waste management performance.

With EcoWebDesk, the current consumption values and cost developments for every material resource used in the company are always accessible. You can easily carry out further analyses through automatically calculated indicators and efficient evaluations. Therefore, you create an optimal foundation for strategic decisions and sustainable company management.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the EcoWebDesk Eco-Controlling

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“In the past three years we have used the software to record more than 2,000 waste processes – today we can conveniently evaluate this data and, just by the push of a button, visualize it in clearly structured tables and charts. These extensive evaluation possibilities are a major advantage of EcoWebDesk.”


Stephan Graf, Environmental Officer, ARBURG GmbH + Co KG