Keep your legal register up-to-date

With the EcoWebDesk Legal Compliance software module

Discover how EcoWebDesk can help your business meet its legal obligations. Stay on top of the most important legal matters, including labor law and environmental protection regulations. The EcoWebDesk legal register is a complete and up-to-date resource for all legal questions relating to the environment, health, and safety compliance.

With EcoWebDesk, legal registering has never been easier.

Build your register

  • Document the relevant legal standards in a central database
  • Organize your register by subject area or scope of application
  • Assign content maintenance to the responsible people and departments
  • Link your register clearly to source references
  • Define obligations for each department
  • Connect each legal standard to its relevant obligation by linking data sets
  • Set priorities and status updates to ensure all obligations are met

Understand your legal obligation

Review your legal position

  • Get automatic notifications when the law changes
  • Create a regular schedule for legal reviews
  • Find the relevant up-to-date entries in the legal register with list filtering
  • Document the results of each legal review
  • Connect EcoWebDesk with external legal databases
  • Navigate complex legal text and import any new information directly into your own legal register
  • Notify responsible persons of any legal changes at the press of a button

Update your records

Keep your legal register in top condition

EcoWebDesk provides all the tools you need to build a comprehensive and up-to-date legal register. If you're looking for further support, we can connect you with a legal compliance specialist through our EcoWebDesk partner program.

Get help from an expert

Through the EcoWebDesk partner program, we connect our customers with established expert consultants in legal compliance.

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“The increasing demands on companies require a complete, seamless and legally-sound documentation system. This is exactly what EcoWebDesk provides.”

Nicolas Tauchnitz, Compliance Management, Berliner Wasserbetriebe