• Achieving clarity, optimizing workflows

    With the EcoWebDesk Process Management software module

EcoWebDesk Process Management

The EcoWebDesk Process Management module adds further functions to your EcoWebDesk Basic System, which enables you to optimize your company procedures. Create direction through a clear course of action so that each employee knows how to carry out their tasks.

Shape all of your business processes with the EcoWebDesk Process Management module. With charts you can illustrate the course of action, which means that employees only need to navigate through the individual process steps. The automatic linking of all kinds of documents is ensured, so that all objectives can be immediately put into practice.

An overview of the most important functions

Features of the EcoWebDesk Process Management module

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“At a glance, you can see which manager is part of what process and which documents are involved. This feature is extremely useful in our daily work.”

Armin Müßig, Environmental Manager, Pirelli Deutschland GmbH