Clear and interactive process diagrams

With the EcoWebDesk Process Management software module

Clear visualizations help your colleagues understand work processes and implement them correctly. Standardized images and illustrations reduce the chance of misunderstanding. EcoWebDesk lets you create clear, intuitive and interactive process diagrams following the extended EPC model.

With EcoWebDesk, process diagrams have never been easier.

Choose elements

  • Use standardized symbols in line with the popular extended EPC
  • Arrange your diagram easily with a drag and drop editor
  • Create symbols for events and functions as well as for responsible departments or organizations
  • Specify which documents, tools, and data objects each process requires
  • Link the elements of your process with connections and branches using AND, OR and XOR
  • Build complex flowcharts easily with intelligent graphical alignment
  • Update and extend charts as needed

Establish connections

Attach objects

  • Link your process diagram to functions, documents, and data records in EcoWebDesk
  • Assign individual steps of your process to the responsible person
  • Export your process diagram to a PDF with a single click
  • Keep track of updates and approvals with intelligent version control
  • As soon as your diagram has been approved, it will be made available for colleagues to use

Publish your work

Save once, share many times

When you save process diagrams as PDFs, they are automatically saved in EcoWebDesk's central document management system, along with the rest of your important health and safety and CSR documents. From here, your documents can be linked to other departments and accessed by whoever needs the.

Quality control

EcoWebDesk can help you evaluate your process diagrams and find ways to improve them.

Try EcoWebDesk free for 14 days.

“At a glance, you can see which manager is part of what process and which documents are involved. This feature is extremely useful in our daily work.”

Armin Müßig, Environmental Manager, Pirelli Deutschland GmbH